747 Square Feet

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Randall Otulakowski builds furniture and art decor from his 747 square foot home in the east end of Toronto.

Having worked for over 11 years in an office environment, Randall was inspired by his love for architecture, design and craftsmanship to work with his hands. Using locally sourced reclaimed materials he finds in and around Toronto, Randall creates functional and artistic pieces. With a respect for the history and quality of the material, Randall uses each material as the foundation to guide how the final piece will reveal itself. Most of the materials that Randall salvages comes directly from east-end Toronto residences by foot or bike.

In January 2012, you can find one of Randall’s projects, the aDOORable bookshelf, featured on the Earth Day Canada website where he’ll be announced as the winner to the Canada-wide Upcycling Challenge competition.


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  1. reclaimed wood coffee table says:

    I love the light fixture from the eat-in area and the Urban Outfitters chair – the whole house is gorgeous!

  2. barnwood furniture says:

    Really nice attention to detail…I would hang my hat there!

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