We are a group of dedicated community members who use design as a tool to shape, build and improve society. We do this because we want to be active members of our community, we see the opportunity for positive change in our community and most of all because we love our community! We are designers, architects, students, community members, volunteers, project managers and creative thinkers, makers and doers.

PDA creates community engaged design projects that improve the community.  We do this by holding workshops with communities in need and teaching them how to make and remake things like furniture. Then we take these objects and we put them out into the communities they were made in. We also reach out to the design community and universities to produce objects as well.

PDA was founded by Adam Harris, Katherine Ngui, Parimal Gosai and Jeremy Vandermeij in the winter of 2009. With the help of our Team and all of our members we produce all of the amazing objects, processes, ideas and moments that make PDA so darned special.

PDA operates as if we are a nonprofit although we do not have nonprofit status. We keep things running from the generous donations of our supporters and from donations from people like you! If you would like to donate to PDA please click here.