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I make beautiful things using technology, compelling narratives across platforms, and love to start conversations between strangers & friends – on and offline. I believe that amazing things happen when worlds collide.

I am lucky enough to be able to create, consult and mentor on a wide range of critically acclaimed projects including graphic novels, online narratives, wearables, interactive installations, participatory theatre, live events, multiplatform experiences and tv and film convergence projects.
As well, my visual arts practice continues to be very important to me. My work ranges from sculpture, to digital to participatory. This work is often focused on collaborative narratives, social issues and the beauty & magic of our everyday lives.

I am currently a Co-Director and Co-Founder of The Labs []. I can often be found speaking, mentoring and presenting workshops about the continually evolving realm of digital media, with a focus on interactive narrative and new creative combinations of a wide range of media forms.

I am really excited to be a part of PDA for Edmond Place and help them tell their stories.  The PDA team has such a passion for what they do and the communities they serve.

I would like to thank Justin Ferrato for his beautiful videographer work and Tom Kuo for helping me out with the sound. You guys are awesome.

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