Bike Locks With Flair

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If you’re a cyclist, you probably love your bike (cycling seems to bring out strong emotions in people that way).  And if you love your bike, you’re going to want to treat it right.  Here are some recent concepts for bike love, in ascending order of awesomeness:

The 718 Bedford Ave bike rack.  Whether it’s to save space in a small apartment (although if your apartment is that small, you might be put off by the $400 pricetag), or simply to put your gorgeous bike on display like the work of art it is, this is a classy way to treat it right.  Plus, you can put your Allan keys in there!

Of questionable utility but unquestionable ingenuity is the pole climbing bike rack.  Attach the lock to any nearby pole and it shimmies out of thieves’ reach like Spiderman.  No word on how to get it back down.

This design for an urban bike rack-cum-carousel is a work in progress from Manifesto Architecture.  I know what you’re thinking: what a waste of electricity!  But the carousel is actually human powered.  If you can ride a bike, you can power the machine.  This design would be especially useful in cities with really terrible and insufficient narrow sidewalks, if you happen to think of any.

Now if only we could figure out such clever solutions to the problem of sharing the road, we’d really be in a cyclist’s utopia.  If you’ve got any, please share.

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  1. Chris says:

    The first one doesn’t allow for mixte/step-through frames, frames with water bottle holders, or frames with cables run along the top tube (which is pretty much most of the bikes in use…). The second one is a non-starter for reasons already described in the article. The third one just looks tedious to operate; I wouldn’t put my bike in it.

    Frankly, I find these ideas poorly thought-out. They belie a tenuous grasp of bicycle design, and seeing them featured in a design blog concerns me.

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