Cassandra Alves and Kara Logan

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Cassandra Alves and Kara Logan will be producing furniture for the PDA for 40 Oaks project.

With a combined interest in making things and the re-use of found objects, Kara and Cassandra decided to partake in an ambitious pursuit of bringing life back to discarded pieces. Together as karcass, pronounced (kar’kes), the objective is simple;  taking decaying and dead pieces of furniture, fusing them together and creating new and functional pieces.

At Box47, a collaborative sculpture studio, they deconstruct and restore tables, chairs and other found objects out of reclaimed materials and junk. In some cases, they refinish surfaces to re-establish the materials original qualities or make do with various imperfections and flaws. The end results of karcass are one of a kind pieces, where no two works are alike or can ever be reproduced.

Kara and Cassandra are both recent graduates of the Environmental Design program from The Ontario College of Design. Both are currently working in various other design outlets, Box47 being the main hub specific to their collaboration pieces.

The duo hopes to successfully continue their journey together, sifting through people’s trash and pushing the limits of how old, damaged and unwanted objects can be up-cycled to create usable and beautiful things

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