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Christina Ott will be producing a feature wall for the PDA for 40 Oaks project.  For those of you who don’t know, all of the furniture produced for the project are originals made from at least 70% reclaimed material.

Christina is an ardent collector and displayer of things and loves to explore ways to use common materials in unusual ways.

She has worked as an interior designer in New York and Toronto and spent five years at a local art studio working with designers and architects on art installations for high end commercial projects, such as Park Hyatt, Washington D.C.; Printemps Department Store, Paris; Vegas City Center and Holt Renfrew Personal Shopper, Toronto.

She currently is the principal and creative director of the custom Art /Design Company: crow; which has worked on installations for Atlantic Grill Lincoln Center, NYC; The W Hotel Taipei; Maple Leaf Square and the Gladstone Hotel.

Christina has participated in three Come Up To My Room exhibits: The Trap with This Is Collective in 2008; the staircase key installation with Andra Hayward and Shannon Linde in 2009; and in 2010 she partnered with Marion Lanktree on an interactive installation using strings and magnets.

The key installation was revised in May 2009 for the Tatar Gallery exhibit “Upcycling” held at the Museum of Art and Design in Los Angeles.

She holds a BA in Politics from McGill University and a BID from Ryerson University and works and lives in Toronto.

40 Oaks is Christina’s second installation for PDA; her first was for Edmonds Place.  In which she reinterpreted an iconic design piece, an Eames Time Life stool, using a structural material she originally developed for her university thesis project made from recycled fabric called t-ply.

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  1. […] Christina Ott‘s thesis presentation was one of the most exciting and coolest things I was exposed to during my time at RSID. For it, she designed and built furniture out of a material that she had created herself using scraps of old fabrics. When Christina agreed to help the Edmond Place project, I was secretly hoping she would bring back t-ply, and she is: wahoo!! […]

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