Community Meeting Room Mural: PDA, Regent Park Community and George Brown

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This mural is a result of a collaboration between PDA, the Regent Park community, the Institute Without Boundaries and the StudioLab at George Brown College. Last September, PDA and the IWB hosted workshops at the Regent Park Centre of Learning. The IWB students led community members through a brainstorming process to generate ideas for the mural. The IWB students then created a design brief which was given to the George Brown StudioLab students who developed designs for the mural. After the final presentations in December, PDA selected the design that best met the conceptual ideas generated by the community and implemented the design. The winning design came from Karen Yu and Paul Lapkin. The name of the mural: H.U.G. It is now to be found in the Community Meeting Room at 40 Oaks. The materials are nails and string.

PDA would like to thank Agazi Afwerki of the Regent Park Centre of Learning; Bianca Martins Pham of the CRC; Michelle Hotchin of the IWB and her students: Shaunna Thatcher, Matthew Koop-Pearce, Asma Khanani Caporaletti, Dana Seguin, Raymundo Pavan, Morteza Golestani, Nikki Hsiao Chi Shih, Shelley Kirkbride; and Priscilla Li and Connie Wansbrough of George Brown’s StudioLab and their students.

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