Connie Chisholm

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Storage Cabinet, Connie Chisholm. PDA for Edmond Place, 2010.

Connie will be producing furniture for the PDA for 40 Oaks project.

Connie Chisholm maintains a studio in Toronto designing and making furniture pieces and custom millwork. Her pieces are characterized by simplicity and minimalist form combined with strong sculptural elements and technical explorations.

Connie holds a Bachelor of Science in Biology. Her interest in design led her to study furniture at Sheridan College where she has also been a studio instructor.

Working primarily with domestic woods, veneers and plastic laminates she occasionally includes fabricated or cast metal components. Connie has considerable experience in form making and creating and working with curved laminations.

Connie heard about the PDA for Edmond Place project and was able to work it into her 3rd year studio class at Sheridan College last winter. 11 students were given the task of custom designing and producing a coffee table for Edmond Place. As part of their research, each of the students attended the weekly workshop at PARC, offering their time and skills at the same time! Connie is also producing a coffee table for Edmond Place and on more than one occasion she has opened up her shop to help out the weekly workshop.

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