Entry Bench by the Regent Park community and PDA

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This is a community-engaged piece , which will be going into the new CRC building in Regent Park, 40 Oaks.

This bench was designed through community collaboration. Last summer PDA worked with members of the CRC community through the design process. After much brainstorming, analysis, discussion & sketching the group was able to come up with a design that would meet the needs of the CRC’s entry bench. We then moved to the Dixon Hall Mill Centre to build models, prepare the salvaged church pews to be transformed and construct the benches almost to completion.

PDA would like to thank Simone Ferkul, Bahar Ghaemi and Vincent Monastero for their support in the design process; Steven Johnston and Justin Teschner at the Mill Centre; David Loewy and Adrian Kenny at Ryerson; as well we would like to thank Amy Markanda for helping us with the final construction and finishing details.

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