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The Toronto Upcycling Group is Kaveri Joseph, Christine Lieu, and Heidi Mok. They are: Designers, creators, makers, explorers, collectors, collaborators, thinkers, do-ers, visionaries, food and drink enthusiasts, ninja’s.

Conscious and concerned about the short life-cycle of products, designers Kaveri Joseph, Christine Lieu and Heidi Mok started an experimental initiative with two other fellow Industrial Designers. With a mission to create a new system of waste management that upcycles seemingly disposable materials into products of greater value and use, TUG – Toronto Upcycling Group – inspires others to rethink what they would normally label as waste.

Beginning with the exploration of household ‘waste’, the trio has experimented with creating pieces from various found materials, including old ink cartridges, styrofoam plates and plastic bags. In hopes of spreading this endeavor, the PARC project will be the perfect opportunity for TUG to show Torontonians the true meaning of upcycling by creating pieces that they can use and enjoy.

TUG will be refreshing the common areas of Edmond Place with vibrant throw pillows, as well as more natural and organic elements such as handcrafted planters. Thanks TUG!

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