Henry Salonen

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Henry Salonen

Henry Salonen is a graduate of the Ryerson School of Interior Design. He credits his love for the cleanliness of simple lines, materials and forms to being raised around scandinavian craft and design objects.

For Edmond Place Henry Salonen and Adriana Romano constructed a side chair using reclaimed wood shipping pallets beautifully paired with a denim cushion crafted from pre-loved jeans.

Portfolio: henrysalonen.com

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Adriana Louise Romano, Age of Design Inc.

Adriana’s passion is the design of objects, spaces and the understanding of the ways these affect people on a daily basis. How do people and contemporary society interact with the spaces they inhabit?  How does the design of the objects they use and the spaces they inhabit influence their health and wellbeing? The notion of form and function and their impact on contemporary society greatly influences Adriana’s interest in the design of spaces and objects. She greatly admires the work of Marcel Breuer, Jamie Hayon and the design philosophy of Rem Koolhaas.

Adriana is a founder of Age of Design Inc. an interior design collective based in Toronto and is the creative administrator of www.myetvmedia.com.

She has studied design at Parsons, OCAD and is currently completing her bachelor of Interior design degree at Ryerson University.

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