Lucas Brancalion & Jeremy G. Cox

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Jeremy Cox & Lucas Brancalion will be producing furniture for the PDA for 40 Oaks project. For those of you who don’t know, all of the furniture produced for the project are originals made from at least 70% reclaimed material.

Lucas Brancalion and Jeremy G. Cox are thrilled to be working on their second project with Public Displays of Affection after last year’s message boards for the Edmond House.   Lucas and Jeremy have been collaborating steadily since they were classmates at Sheridan College for Furniture Design, did Come Up to My Room together in 2008 and are nearly a year into their latest collaboration; Brothers + Sons Design / Build with partner Mike Dellios. They work on their cars and dream about building cabins when not building furniture…

Jeremy Cox & Lucas Brancalion also designed pieces our last project, PDA for Edmond Place.

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  1. […] Jeremy and Lucas were among the very first designers to sign up for this project and we really appreciate their support and enthusiasm. They are collaborating on a series of four message centres for the Edmond Place project. These will be a hub of each floors’ community information exchange & display area. Thank you thank you! Share and Enjoy: […]

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