Laura Carwardine

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Laura Carwardine is a third year design student at Ryerson University with a general interest in making useful human-scale objects. Her favourite materials are cardboard, industrial felt, and wood.

While at Ryerson, Laura has focused on furniture design, exploring a variety of materials from wood and tubular metal to industrial felt and cardboard. Last year, Laura had the opportunity to collaboratively design the Ryerson booth for the 2009 Interior Design Show. As part of this project, the team designed and branded NAPitat, a cardboard work desk and nap station that can be disassembled and flat-packed for storage. Laura plans to do everything possible to learn about the design and production of useful human-scale objects, potentially involving graduate studies in furniture, textile, and industrial design. She also enjoys indoor climbing.

For Edmond Place, Laura Carwardine is working with fellow student Michael Shafir to develop a series of tables created from steel washing machine and dryer drums, in combination with reclaimed Douglas fir.

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