Lift Up Your Weary Head!

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In case you haven’t noticed, things are really growing in Detroit… I felt compelled to post the trailer for this documentary, because it shows a different picture of a city that is often considered as some kind of apocalyptic misery. You might know it better for being presented like this:


Pics from Huffington Post.

Beautiful but haunting pictures (I do love the aesthetics of decay), but in order for Detroit to rise from its ashes it also needs some attention around the positive progress that has been happening recently. A city that has been destroyed by its industry, that has the highest murder rate in the States and that has gone from being called “The Paris of the West” in the beginning of last century” to being an urban desert, where before dark falls everyone reccomend you to be “on the other side of 19 mile highway”. But as the rise of numerous documentaries show the new generation in Detroit is trying out new methods of urban improvement!

I went there with some friends last spring. With great ideas of discovering the community fight for making Detroit the new “Urban Green” city, farming and art projects which we had heard about, we set out with the best of intentions. However, when we arrived at a late Saturday afternoon we found ourselves among emptied out skyscrapers where we felt like we were the only pedestrians – in fact we felt like we were the only people in the city. We decided pretty fast that we should have done our homework and contacted someone who  knows about the city, who could show us around. It was definitely interesting, but of all the sad and troubled places I have been to this was the saddest.You could feel some sort of prior glory, from the 60’s Motown, the rise (and fall) of the automotive industry. We fled to Chicago and ever since I felt bad that I had not given the city a proper chance and bought into my immediate (and perhaps irrational) fear of the unknown. And I intend to start looking into what is happening and growing in the emptied out lots of Detroit, for it to lift up it’s weary head.

Do you know any cool things going on right now in Detroit that PDA would be interested in seeking out? Let us know and maybe we will do a field trip!

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