Evolving Manifesto

We want to change the way we do things. We want to make things work better. We can. We do this through design.

Everyone designs

Design isn’t only the domain of those who photoshop, curate or draft plans. It is available to all members of the community and its basic principles can be learned and practiced by everyone. We want to connect who designs a community and who lives it. Design for all, Design by all.

just, non-judgemental, class-less, denies nothing, is not in denial, not limited by traditions

Nurture your awareness

Good design has no blind spots. Ask: Is it doing everything it needs to do? Is it doing anything it shouldn’t? The value of a solution depends on how it addresses all the factors that contributed to the problem – and these factors will change over time. As realities evolve, so must how we answer them. The best students never stop learning.

pragmatic, big picture, design as solution-making

Create in the voids

For every system or structure there are inevitably pockets of need. Assess where the need is and strengthen those parts. Design into the gaps, the cracks and the crannies.


Design is alive

There is no such thing as a product. Every idea, decision, act and thing is part of a process or system that is part of a larger process or system going on into infinity. This means that every idea, decision, act and thing is part of an ever-evolving reality that is inter-connected and requires continued evaluation, editing and adapting.

cyclical, ever evolving, evaluating, adapting, self-editing