Margaret Stagg + Kathryn Glinski

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Chair, Margaret Stagg and Kathryn Glinski. PDA for Edmond Place, 2010.

Margaret Stagg and Kathryn Glinski will be producing furniture for the PDA for 40 Oaks project.

Celebrate the opportunities that allow us to explore, create, learn and influence our surroundings! Celebrate the excitement of creating objects, space and graphics!

Both graduates of the RSID program, Margaret and Kathryn’s design experience began in interior design and now spans over a multitude of platforms and mediums. Working together they are the essential “jack of all trades” duo with the importance of creativity and exploration at the heart of their work.
Design has the ability to positively influence people’s lives and we are excited to be a part of PDA for Edmond Place. This project is an opportunity for us to celebrate the positive impact of design, engage in the community and push our own limitations.

Infusing found dining chairs with a little love… and a little stubbornness. We plan to recycle the chairs original use, while adding new components to ensure both structure and aesthetics.


Margaret Stagg and Kathryn Glinski designed a chair for PDA for Edmond Place.

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