Miroslav Tichý – DIY in the time of Czech Communism!

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Miroslav Tichý was a photographer from Czech Republic, and he died just recently. He was one of those artists that wasn’t discovered until very late in his life, in 2004, where a bigger collection of his photographs were exhibited in Seville. Along with the exhibition came a book. The exhibition traveled around Europe and USA and brought him much recognition. He didn’t care however. He stayed at home enjoying a quiet, self sufficient and secluded life in his home country.
I will readily admit, it might his eccentric life and personality than artistic talent that draws me to his works. He is best known for his photography equipment, which he made himself, mostly from cardboard, cans, Plexiglas, rubber band and other things he could come about.
And then he either snug around in parks photographing half naked women, or made them pose in his studio. I love the aesthetics of old film and photography, and these are poetic and fascinating, yet haunting. And has a weird sense of voyeur eroticism to them which reminds me of, yes gotta say it, David Lynch. He was originally educated as a painter at the art academy in Prague, and during the communist regime in Czechoslovakia, he was considered a dissident – cause at that time it was more popular to paint wholesome farmer women and tractors, and not naked women. Apparently he was brought to the State psychiatric clinic for a few days, both to try and “normalize” him, and, since it was a communist patriotic holiday, to keep him out of the public eye.
I love his hobo get-up, recyclable camera and “erotic” subjects!

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