New Project! PDA for YWCA

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A delayed but delightful update: PDA will be doing work for the new YWCA building in Downtown Toronto! The Elm Centre has 300 affordable apartments for single low-income women, women with children, women living with mental health and addiction issues and families of Aboriginal ancestry.
PDA will, in collaboration with the students of Sheridan College, be creating furniture for the Winona House common room. We held an introductory meeting and a design Charette with the residents of Winona House (The part of Elm Centre that is for families of Aboriginal ancestry). The students of Sheridan, their instructors Connie Chrisholm and Peter Fleming and PDA asked the Winona residents what they thought the common room needed, and what they, as clients, would like to see made by the students.

Then we came back with models that were built and developed by the students, asking for feedback. This was an inspiring evening of designing, considering, dining and deciding! We were so very pleased with the number of people showing up to both the events and the level of engagement in what we were trying to do, and we can’t wait to bring in the furniture at the beginning of April!

We would like to thank the staff at YWCA for making the charettes so successful, and of course everyone that came out! We value your opinion! A special thank to the “PARC Ambassadors” who came out to our first introductory event and gave such a moving and wonderful recommendation of PDA!

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