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What is the role of community-engaged art and design in sustainable urban development?

As neighbourhoods change, there is participation from many different groups with divergent interests: developers, local businesses, community groups, and of course residents. Where does locally produced art and design fit into this picture? What does successful community engagement in the design process look like? Are non-profit organizations in the best position to engage the community through design initiatives? How do residents effect their wishes, and what’s the role for different kinds of “expert” in this process? Is it necessary, or constructive, to form a distinction between expert and resident at all? What strategies can participants at all levels use to effect positive community-driven change?

Sunday, January 29, 2011 | 1pm-2:30pm

40 Oaks St, Community Centre


Ken Greenberg, Zahra Ebrahim, Janna Levitt and Remo Agostino


David Dick-Agnew, Azure Magazine

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