PDA for EP Exhibition a Success!

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The exhibition was a huge success in so many ways. It was inspiring, we made connections, and we finally had the chance for some self reflection.

Video of the PDA for EP Exhibition opening reception was generously created by Katie Meyer.

The entire event was inspiring to the founders, designers and the amazing people who came by to see what we were all about.  For me, it was inspiring to see that so many people wanted to donate their time or energy to projects like this.   It was inspiring and heart warming to see the phenomenal love and skill that went into all of the pieces (which we will post photos of soon!). Finally, the panel discussion inspired me because there were so many very smart and active people who really believed that a project like this could work over the long haul.

We made some great connections during the exhibition as well.  We had 635 people come to the exhibition, and many of those people contributed with their feedback, ideas and by offering to donate their resources and time to the project.

Lastly the display of the pieces and ideas was a reflection of all the dialogue, concepts and organizing that Katherine, Parimal, Adam and I have been doing over the last year. To finally see everything together allowed us to really have a better idea of what we have accomplished and how it will grow in the future.

All in all the exhibition proved to be an integral part of the process! Thanks again to everyone!

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