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Check out all the phenomenal socio-sustainable work that was produced for Edmond Place by members of PDA.  Here is a full list again for exhibition participants and links to their profiles (updated with the below images).  If you are with the media and you would like to request high resolution photos click here.

And for those of you who don’t know, there is a little blurb below about the project.

Boychuk+Fuller, Lucas Brancalion & Jeremy Cox, Lubo Brezina, Brothers Dressler, David Chang, Connie Chisholm, Heidi Earnshaw, Kathryn Glinski & Margaret Stagg, Sinziana Iordache & Serafima Korovina, Marco Jacob, db johnson, Enoch Khuu, Deanne Lehtinen & Christina Zeidler, Dennis Lin, MADE, Clayton Mcmaster, Crawford Noble, Christina Ott, Adriana Romano & Henry Salonen, James Smith, Studio Junction, Mark Tan, Tyco Tat, Tinsel & Sawdust, Sissel Marie Tonn, TUG – Toronto Upcycling Group

PDA for Edmond Place is an exploration in community-engaged design. In early 2009, PDA partnered with Edmond Place — a ground-breaking new affordable housing development in Parkdale — to find alternatives to the often institutional furnishing options typical of subsidized housing. The result: Local designers, businesses and community members have come together to design and build over 60 pieces of furniture and accessories to be donated to the project. The exhibition celebrates the countless hours and valuable skills that have gone into this first PDA of its kind.

Click on the thumbnails below to open large images. Photography by Agata Piskunowicz and PDA Co-founder Adam Harris.

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