2010 PDA for EP Exhibition at Gladstone Hotel

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PDA for Edmond Place is an exploration in community-engaged design. In early 2009, PDA partnered with Edmond Place — a ground-breaking new affordable housing development in Parkdale — to find alternatives to the often institutional furnishing options typical of subsidized housing. The result: Local designers, businesses and community members have come together to design and build over 60 pieces of furniture and accessories to be donated to the project. The exhibition celebrates the countless hours and valuable skills that have gone into this first PDA of its kind.

About Edmond Place:

The Parkdale Activity Recreation Centre (PARC) is a social agency that has been operating a storefront drop-in centre in Parkdale for decades. Having started as a place to welcome the homeless, the disabled, and those with few resources, to provide meals and safe shelter for daytime activity, PARC has grown into an umbrella organization that does so much more. When the city of Toronto awarded PARC with the task of redeveloping the derelict building at the corner of Queen Street West and Dowling Avenue they saw an opportunity to create a model of housing from the loose bricks, broken boards and unfortunate memories that once inhabited the site. Edmond Place was proposed as an affordable housing project that will exemplify the best of design program and opportunity. It is being developed with the goal of being a model of independent, self-contained suites that will enhance the supportive and affordable housing sector.