PDA for 40 Oaks

Above are some of the portfolio pieces of our participating designers and schools, to see a full listing of their portfolios click here.

Media Preview: Friday, January 27, 2012 | 4-6pm | Media Contact Jeremy Vandermeij
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Opening Reception: Friday, January 27, 2012 | 6-10pm
PDA for 40 Oaks Talks: Sunday January 29, 2012 | 1pm-2:30pm
Panelists: Ken Greenberg, Zahra Ebrahim, Janna Levitt and Remo Agostino   Moderator: David Dick-Agnew
Exhibition Hours: Saturday, January 28 and Sunday, January 29, 2012 | Daily 1-6pm
40 Oaks Community Centre, 40 Oak St, Toronto.


Led by Design Director Parimal Gosai, Public Displays of Affection (PDA)  is a Toronto-based organization that is furnishing the low income housing development 40 Oaks with sustainable custom designed furniture.  The custom designed furniture will be enjoyed by 40 Oaks resident families and individuals who live in poverty or by people who will take advantage of the drop-in and community centre. 40 Oaks is part of the Regent Park revitalization, North America’s largest inner city redevelopment project.

The custom designed furnishings were created by local design gurus such as Brothers Dressler, Studio Junction, Rob Southcott, Parimal Gosai, MADE, Kathryn Walter and over 28 more professional designers and students.  To see an at-a-glance listing of designers and their portfolios click here. PDA produced furniture and design elements in three ways: by engaging with local community stakeholders in workshops, by recruiting custom designed donations by designers, craftspeople, artists, furniture makers and architects, and by recruiting donations and workshop facilitation by post secondary students and their institutions. To learn more about the furniture production methods, read below.

All furniture produced is made from 80-90% reclaimed or reused materials. In order to celebrate the achievement of furnishing 40 Oaks in this groundbreaking method PDA will exhibit all the produced furnishings and design elements at 40 Oaks as part of the Toronto Design Offsite Festival between Friday, January 27 and Sunday, January 29, 2012. The exhibition Public Displays of Affection for 40 Oaks is free and open to the public. Shortly after the exhibition, all the furniture will be permanently installed. Many of the furnishings for 40 Oaks are still in production. Below are a few mid-production pieces. For more images contact Jeremy at jeremy@publicdisplaysofaffection.ca.
Participating Designers:
Brothers Dressler, Studio Junction, Connie Chisholm, The Institute Without Boundaries, George Brown College Studio Lab, Sheridan College Furniture Students, Rob Southcott, Fugitive Glue, Boychuk +  Fuller, Heidi Earnshaw, Kathryn Walter, Margaret Stagg & Kathryn Glinski, Amy Markanda, Ivan Lizias Rubim Duarte Pinto, Danya Sturgess & Amir Hosseindoust, MADE, Christina Ott, Megan Tilston, Canadian Salvaged Timber, Now and Then, Jeremy Cox and Lucas Brancalion, Dylan McKinnon, LUBO, Bahar Ghaemi, Clayton Mcmaster, Parimal Gosai, M Rui Felix & Leigh Voight, Vincent Monastero, Andrew Morson, The Big Stuff, Cassandra Alves and Kara Logan, and Endgrain.


Furniture Production Methods Explained

Local Community Engagement These pieces are produced through engagement with some/all of the following community stakeholders: end-users, local community members, community groups or their representatives. The process includes brainstorming sessions, concept development, design development, prototype development and production of furnishings.  Production helps to inspire community members and provide them with skills training and improvement.

Designer Donations These pieces are produced by solicited designers, craftspeople, architects, artists, furniture makers, industrial designers. All pieces are inspected and approved for use in 40 Oaks by the PDA Management Team or a qualified representative to ensure that they meet the quality and sustainability standards set out by PDA.

All professionals are qualified and include people from all stages in their careers.

Post Secondary Student/Institution Donations and Workshop Facilitation These pieces are produced by post secondary design, art and furniture students.  Sheridan College and the Institute Without Boundaries at George Brown College have integrated the PDA for 40 Oaks project into courses and curriculum.

More About PDA

Introducing: Public Displays of Affection! from This Month Only on Vimeo.

PDA provides socially and environmentally innovative design services for community housing developments and other socially and sustainably innovative projects. Through workshops they provide the opportunity for community members to participate in the design and construction of the furnishings and art in their projects. They utilize community engaged design process and workshops to complete all of their projects, so that all members of the community can be involved and feel ownership over their new or improved environments.

They provide the opportunity for universities, students and professional designers, architects, artists and craftspeople to work with communities in need, to exhibit their work and to donate their work to a project that benefits the community directly.

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