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Art – Design – Furniture – Ceramics – Textiles – Lighting – Glass – Toys – Jewelry – Objects – Oddities Tinsel & Sawdust AND Academy of Lions are teaming up

ACADEMY OF LIONS // GENERAL STORE at Ossington Avenue and Queen St. W, Toronto
“a hybrid ʻCafe Shopʼ showing works by local Designer / Makers”

The ACADEMY OF LIONS // GENERAL STORE is a retail/exhibition opportunity for Designer/Makers working in all mediums, offering a wide range of products. The GENERAL STORE will function as a cafe and hub to the expansive community that occupies the 9000 sq.f. building.
The concept: Objects are integrated into the daily function of the cafe, creating an experiential retail environment. Cafe patrons can ʻlive withʼ the staged objects on display during their time at the cafe and can then opt to either purchase objects off the floor or commission the designer/maker for a remake. There will also be shelving in the cafe for display of light duty objects like cards, jewelry, etc.
Designer/Makers are invited to submit finished works or create new work to meet the demands of the space.
Designer/Makers are encouraged to use locally sourced materials, local services, Canadian made equipment and recycled goods to create their work, with a clear intent of natural and honest design. Since the work will be ʻtestedʼ by users on a daily basis, we encourage you to create works that can age well, that are strong and sturdy. KEY IDEAS: reclaimed wood, metal, thickness, strength, utility, rustic charm, vintage mountaineering, communal, industrial, winter boots, Toronto.
A collection of new works will be selected seasonally and launched with quarterly Exhibition Openings, meaning the space will be constantly evolving with works coming, going, and selling.
[ Examples of how contributors’ works will be used: a potter submits 20 mugs, 10 of the mugs are in cafe circulation and 10 are on display. a metalworker makes a coat rack that a customer purchases right off the floor. a textile artist makes 6 pillows, 2 are on the sofa, 4 are on display. a furniture maker shows their prototype and makes custom orders on demand]
All works will be on consignment. As with gallery representation, a portion of the profits will fund and advertise the project. Details of the terms and a contract will follow.

dates, contact and important information:

please send up to 5 images of finished work or proposals and a brief about yourself/ team by December 20th for consideration in the Winter 12 Collection. We will confirm your participation by December 23rd and send a contract of terms and agreements. Keep in mind works will have to be delivered onsite January 10th and 11th.
If you would like direction with required items please include this request in your email. High demand items include seating, tables, lighting.
please send information to: with a subject that describes your submission(s), ie: Rug, or Desk Lamp

about The Academy of Lions:

The Academy Of Lions was founded in 2008 by life-long friends Dhani Oks and Sohail Bastani who saw a need in our community for more traditional values in approaches to lifestyle, health and design.
The goal of the Academy is to offer the highest quality services and goods for a thriving metropolitan community. Our focus is on providing fitness through traditional athletics; nutrition through local and sustainable sources; lifestyle goods from local artisans and designers.
The Academy is a staple of the west end community and will further grow in 2012 with a move into a new 3 story, 9000sf home at Ossington and Queen.    This new location will reflect the values and aesthetics of the neighbourhood. It will feature a street level “General Store” that will operate as a cafe/social space and offer foods, furniture, fashions and artisan lifestyle goods.    200-300 people will come through the space on a daily basis and everything in the space can be interacted with and purchased; making it a “Functional Gallery” for artisan goods.
The Academy Of Lions fitness and health space is devoted to high quality athletics that is suited to every lifestyle and pursuit.    The space is reminiscent of old-fashion gymnasiums, and the raw, natural feel makes it a unique environment to train in. Also, The Academy of Lions facilitates various youth and community focused projects.

about Tinsel & Sawdust:

A multidisciplinary collective of people who are interested in work which improves the quality of life of both maker and user. Focused on locality, good design and integrity, Tinsel & Sawdust is MADE IN TORONTO.
The LIONS // GENERAL STORE project will be co-curated by Katrina Tompkins (furniture/wood), Janna Watson (art, sculpture, textiles), Amy Markanda (design and fabrication) and Mandy Ridley (food and culture).
Thank you for your submissions. We look forward to showcasing what you (Toronto’s wildly talented creatives) can do.

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