Serafima Korovina

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Bio / Description

I am a third year student at the Ryerson School of Interior Design and have a great passion for concept exploration and various building technologies with their applications in the design practice.

Born and raised in a family of a fashion designer and an engineer, I like to think that I inherited the best of the two: I embrace the creative freedom of conceptual thinking and have a strong sense of purpose for the forms I create. My Ukrainian homeland gave me love for the land and respect for nature which I express though my design. In my years at Ryerson I have explored different techniques and materials used in furniture production and have strengthened my affection for finely crafted objects. I am continuing to challenge my personal boundaries and plan to pursue an architectural degree.

For the Edmond Place Project my classmate, Sinziana Iordache, and I started with a series of experiments with reclaimed materials. We ended up creating a series of two coffee ‘bench-tables’ from reclaimed spruce and local Ontario walnut. We intended to emphasize the beauty of used wood through simple forms acting as a continuation of each other, thus minimizing the use of stain and finish on the final product.

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