The Team

Below is a list of the core management team that make PDA projects happen. To see a full list of all the amazing artists, architects, designers and craftspeople who contribute to our projects click here.

Parimal Gosai Artistic Director – Founder

Parimal  is committed to responsibility in design, architecture and urban development – a responsibility that shares the importance and advocates the necessity of living in synchrony with the natural world.

Adam Harris Graphic and Environmental Designer – Founder

Adam  is a design thinker by nature and his working philosophy considers design (at its best) as inherently sustainable. There is no ‘green’ design, only good design!

Katherine Ngui Managing Director and Finance Officer – Founder

Katherine  is thoroughly enjoying her quest for social improvements and personal fulfillment. She loves making good things happen and is especially pleased when the numbers balance.

Jeremy Vandermeij Director of Marketing and PR – Founder

Jeremy  is the Creative Director at the Gladstone Hotel, produces Toronto Design Offsite, co-curated Come Up To My Room for 3 years and operates his own design consulting business.

René Ng – Lead Project Manager

René is an experienced interior designer and project manager.  He believes that design and design thinking can help create inclusive value and holistic sustainability: for people, profit, and planet.

Anna Bouzina

Anna has a B.F.A in Visual Art and a B.Ed. from York University. She is a Toronto-based painter and art instructor with experience teaching student off all ages. urrently, she is an animateur at the Power Plant Contemporary Art Gallery.

Sissel Marie Tonn – Exhibition Coordinator, Documentor

Sissel is Danish and has a BA in Film and Media Studies from the University of Copenhagen. She also creates video and installation art , engaging in community art projects and in collaboration with other artists.

David Dick-Agnew – Editor

David Dick-Agnew is a student, blogger, bookkeeper, artist, curator, and the 2011 publisher of On The Danforth magazine. He’s also the worst kind of armchair philosopher, grammar queen, wonderkiller, and intellectual dilettante.

Simone Ferkul

Simone is a student who believes design should have a social conscious. She is passionate about art, furniture making and interior spaces and loves to share the creative process with others.