What Does Kathie Lee Gifford Look Without Makeup?

What Does Kathie Lee Gifford Look Without Makeup?

The celebrated TV personality once appeared on live television without makeup. One can only assume that on this particular day the makeup artists had a free day off. So what does Kathie Lee Gifford look without makeup?

This was as a way of promoting natural beauty and encouraging the masses to appreciate how they look without makeup. Appearing on the “Today” show alongside co-host Hoda Kotb and others they ran in what is termed as a makeup-free show which was particularly interesting to watch. The mood in the show was very jovial even without makeup as the two hosts appeared in their natural beauty.  Here is a look at the show.

Kathie Lee Makeup Free Show

In the current times, it is important to note that a makeup regimen is part and parcel of the modern woman. Rarely will you find a woman anywhere who doesn’t use makeup?  It is for this reason that Kathie Lee Gifford decided to go live on the NBC channel full of confidence and enthusiasm on the show with no makeup. And honestly, most will commend her for a job well done in promoting natural beauty. Apparently, some of the NBC staff too followed suit and decided it was free to make up day. They went live in their natural beautiful faces. Well with or without make up the ladies were beautiful as always and full of confidence and vigor.

Kathie Lee – Liberating or Not?

However as easy as it looked, the free makes up show was not as smooth as expected for some. Hoda Kotb admitted that it was not easy appearing on national television without wearing makeup. According to the Today show co-host, “it felt naked” having no beauty enhancing products on. When you are used to wearing makeup then all of a sudden you drop it, it feels like something is off balance.

As hard as it may have looked for some, bearing in mind how hard famous people work so hard to improve their looks the point was well driven home. With so many people working so hard to look beautiful and young and to keep away wrinkles or aging it was just as important to be reminded that with or without makeup they are still beautiful. The point is, it is important to be confident with whom you are and reflect a positive image about oneself as explained by the Today show host.  Marketing is all about image this is better explained on IM Reviews by Samuel.

According to Kathie Lee Gifford, many people are displaying the wrong image of who they are. Thus they resort to make up in order to boost their image in society. Therefore there is a need to help such people understand that you do not need makeup to look beautiful or be accepted in the society, it is all about self-confidence on who you are. The famous TV host even went forward to encourage her viewers to share their natural beauty on various platforms without fear.

Encouraging words for kids taking tests

Encouraging words for kids taking tests

Are you about to take a test and you are terrified? Or at least nervous? I used to be the same!

It took me some time but now I see things clearer. It’s normal to be scared, to be afraid of the outcome but how does that help you? It doesn’t!

A first step in getting over your fear is to acknowledge it. Remember, the brave aren’t the ones that are not afraid but those who are bold enough to face their fears!

First of all, it’s only a test and the more you stress about it the more difficult it would be for you to focus . And if you cant focus properly the result might be not as good as you would expect it.

Secondly , as long as you are doing your best and you give everything you have , what could go wrong ? After all, a test is only a way of evaluation but it is more important what you do know and what you are capable of. You should never let a grade define you. Anyone could have a bag day and get a bad grade, it doesn’t mean that he or she is a bad student or a poorly prepared one and the more you stress over it the more it will get to you.

Don’t over think the test, especially not on the day before you take it. You need to relax as much as you can. Try listening to music, from my experience, music always helps! Also, don’t over think your answers. Studies show that usually, the first answer that comes to your mind is the right one. The more time you spend analysing, the more you star doubting yourself and that could make your confidence go down really fast.

In conclusion, why be scared of a test as long as you know what you are capable of and you are confident in your own qualities? You are capable of anything you put your mind into all you need to do is believe in yourself.

Remember that the fear it is only inside your mind and you need to look past it. As Albert Einstein used to say: “Imagination is more important than knowledge! ” If one of the most brilliant minds in history has reached to this conclusion, who are we to argue?

I hope that my words will help you understand that you don’t need to fear a test but if you do, you don’t need to worry it’s something normal for most of us . Good luck!