What We Do

We provide socially and environmentally innovative design services for community housing developments and other socially and sustainably innovative projects.

We utilize community engaged design process to complete all of our projects so that they are by and for all.  We provide the opportunity for community members to participate in the design and construction of the furnishings and art in our projects.

We provide the opportunity for universities, students and professional designers, architects, artists and craftspeople to work with communities in need, to exhibit their work and to donate their work to a project that benefits the community directly.

We exhibit the furnishings and interiors to the public in order to educate, inspire and encourage dialogue about community engaged design process.

We Work For

  • design and architectural firms
  • charities and non-profits
  • collectives and cooperatives
  • private businesses
  • property developers

3 Tiered Community Engagement

Community Stakeholder Engagement

We produce furnishings and art through engagement with some/all of the following community stakeholders: end-users, local community members, community groups or their representatives.  Process can include brainstorming sessions, concept development, design development, working drawings and prototype development and final production.  Production can provide individuals with skills training or improvement.

Local Professionals

We produce furnishings and art through engagement with local designers, craftspeople, architects, artists, furniture makers, industrial designers that PDA will solicit. All pieces are inspected and approved for use in projects by PDA Management Team or a qualified representative. All professionals are qualified and include people from all stages in their careers. PDA selects designers based on their skills and their notoriety.  Well known designers draw media and design interest across projects.

Members of PDA create working space plans of all the proposed areas, an inventory of all pieces, a request for participation for the professionals, and a designer guidelines document to guide the production of all pieces.

Post Secondary Institutions

We produce furnishings and art through engagement with post-secondary design, art and furniture programs.  PDA integrates projects into courses and curriculum at various post secondary institutions including, Sheridan College and Ryerson University School of Interior Design.  Students are subject to the Designer Guidelines.  Members of the PDA Management Team will ensure students produce work according to the Designer Guidelines.

Students often volunteer with the Local Community Engagement sessions.